Vets issue new drug guidelines

Following the decision of the European Medicines Committee that tilmicosin (Micotil) should only be administered by vets, UK vet organisations have issued new guidance on the drug’s administration.

As a result of restrictive prescribing there will be limited stock of Micotil on farm, and any Micotil prescribed after 30 July, 2006, should only be administered by vets.

Additionally, the administration instructions below should be followed, say vets:

  • Never carry a syringe loaded with Micotil 300 with the needle attached. The needle should be connected to the syringe only when filling the syringe or administering the injection.

  • Do not use automatic injection equipment.

  • Ensure animals are properly restrained.

  • Do not work alone using Micotil.

  • In case of human injection seek immediate medical attention.

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