Video: How farmers are uniting to eradicate sheep scab

Sheep scab is a huge problem and if left untreated can affect a sheep’s health and severely impact a sheep business. One mite is enough to spread the disease and once it’s taken hold, it can be very difficult to eradicate.

The NFU Cymru, plus farmers and industry professionals in Wales, have decided to tackle the problem head on.

They are hoping to convince the government that they are serious in co-operating as a whole industry to rid the sector of the disease and they are looking for investment to help.

Their aim is to co-ordinate dipping times between farms to prevent the spread.

In this video Alun Elidyr of Ffermio TV finds out more about the scheme, and an innovative business that offers farmers a dipping service without the need to buy in dip or obtain a licence.

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Ffermio is the only television programme in Britain that deals specifically with agricultural issues, as well as providing all the news relevant to farmers and the wider audience.

Presented by Elidyr along with Daloni Metcalfe and Meinir Howells, the weekly S4C show discusses a wide range of topics from animal health to food production and conservation.

Ffermio presenters (left to right Alun Elidyr, Meinir Howells, Daloni-Metcalfe

Ffermio presenters (left to right) Alun Elidyr, Meinir Howells and Daloni-Metcalfe

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