VIDEO: Monitor farm momentum building in UK

Monitor farm momentum is building across the whole of the UK in a movement which has struck a chord with the industry.

Once the benefits of information sharing became obvious in trial regions, farmers across the country started to ask for monitor farms to be established in their own areas.

And, after enthusiastic feedback from the thousands, who have attended on-farm meetings and demonstration events, there have now been 30 projects in Scotland and 46 in England at the last count.

Monitor Farms are about finding out how farm businesses can be improved by sharing expert knowledge and enhancing profitability through the most up-to-date working practices.

The investment in the project from governments and other agencies is significant, and while finance varies slightly from region to region, each project in Scotland, for example, now attracts £90,000 worth of funding to be spent on skills, expertise and trials over a three-year period.

Half of the funds are spent on the monitor farm itself and the remainder shared among the community.

Watch Nancy Nicolson’s video

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