VIDEO: MP explains need for bovine TB vaccine inquiry

In a Farmers Weekly video Anne McIntosh, chairman of the House of Commons Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee, explains why MPs have launched an inquiry examining the vaccination of badgers and cattle in relation to bovine TB.

The inquiry is expected to cover the likely timescales and challenges in delivering vaccination programmes, their costs and efficacy, and whether a vaccination programme could be delivered without having a negative effect on UK exports.

The committee wishes to receive evidence from interested parties on TB vaccinations for badgers and cattle.

Submissions are invited on the current injectable badger vaccine programme and the costs, effectiveness and timetable to delivery of:

  • An oral badger TB vaccine
  • A cattle TB vaccine
  • Diagnostic test for differentiating infected from vaccinated animals (DIVA)

Submissions are also invited on the impact and challenges of vaccination on cattle and cattle product exports.

The committee invites all interested parties to address these and related matters in writing by Friday 11 January 2013.

It is expected to publish its findings by 1 June 2013.

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