Welsh movement restrictions eased

Welsh farmers will be able to move animals direct from farm to slaughter from today (Friday 14 September) Minister for Rural Affairs Elin Jones has announced.

The Minister said: “On the basis of veterinary advice and risk assessment, I now believe it is a proportionate response to allow movement for slaughter under stringent conditions.

“My priority has always been to contain the spread of the disease and keep Wales foot and mouth free.As I said during the previous outbreak, we will ease restrictions as soon as it is safe to do so and I am pleased to be in that position today.”

“However, we cannot be complacent and need to remain vigilant to ensure Wales’s continuing disease free status. I am conscious also that the easing I have announced today would need to be reconsidered in the event of any further outbreaks of disease.”

The following conditions will apply to movements :

Movements will be from the farm directly to abattoirs.

• Pre-booking will be required.

• Vehicles must be cleansed and disinfected before movement and the drivers to be equipped with clean protective clothing.

• No multiple pick-ups will be allowed.

• Receiving abattoirs will need to have full cleansing and disinfectant facilities for vehicles.

• Animals will be subject to veterinary inspection on arrival.

• Slaughter will be within 24 hours.

• No live animals will leave the abattoir.

• Vehicles must be cleansed and disinfected after unloading at the abattoir.

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