Wool Board dismisses depot threat

THE BRITISH Wool Marketing Board has dismissed any threat to its business from new depots opened in England and Wales by Irish wool merchant Lawrence Pierce.

The board‘s chairman said he could see no extra benefits to wool producers in selling to the competition.

“If farmers want to get a lower price for their wool, they can sell it to Mr Pierce,” said BWMB chairman Frank Langrish.

“He‘s offering 57p/kg for the top quality wools and 20p/kg for the coarser wools. For the equivalent types, the BWMB price is between 62 and 70p/kg.”

But the Irish wool merchant‘s David Pierce said farmers were keen to have a choice in marketing their wool.

The Wicklow-based merchant has said it will offer producers a competitive price, as well as payment in full on collection, and delivery times that suit producers.

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