Arctic Trucks pimps Isuzu D-Max for tough terrains

Isuzu has given Arctic Trucks licence to wave its wand over the latest generation D-Max.

Resisting the temptation to radically change the existing models underneath, the AT35 vehicles have been given the much-talked-about 1.9-litre turbo diesel lump, which pushes out 164hp, while boasting a 3.5t towing capacity and 1t payload.

Only available in double cab set ups with either manual or automatic boxes.

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The Utah spec gives many flashy extras inside, such as keyless entry, 7in colour touchscreen controller and smart phone integration. Black rims come as standard but some blingy silver rounds are available for a bit more cash.

The Arctic Truck influence is seen with tinted windows as well as embroidered headrests, carpet mats and door sill covers, while AT badges adorn the instruments and door panels.

Available in seven colours, from splash white to Venetian red, the double-cab version with either transmission will relieve you of £37,995. Let’s hope those wheat prices continue to rise.

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