Ford unveils its new Ranger pickup

Ford Ranger

Ford has unveiled its latest Ranger pickup alongside a new VW Caddy Allroad and Bentley’s debut seven-seat SUV – the Bentayga – at the Frankfurt motor show.


The updated Ranger models get freshly sculpted tinwork and a new 160hp version of Ford’s 2.2-litre TDCi engine, so there’s a bit more power on the table than was offered by the outgoing model’s 125hp and 150hp oil-burners.

The range-topping Wildtrak version comes with a five-pot, 3.2-litre block, 18in alloys and eye-catching orange livery. The meatier block is mated to a six-cog ‘box in either manual or automatic guise.

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The changes have improved by-the-book fuel economy to 43.5mpg, up from 36.2mpg on the oldie. It also carries a load more technology including adaptive cruise control, auto start/stop, hill descent control and various load stability systems.

Towing capacity remains 3,500kg and ground clearance is 299mm. The 2011-launched model sold 21,600 models last year.

Nissan NP300 Navara

Nissan’s Navara also has a new look, having remained pretty much untouched since its launch back in 2005. The new truck will form the basis Mercedes’ and Renault’s new pickups.

NIssan Navara

Motive power is now provided by a new 2.3-litre engine, which promises to be far cleaner and greener than the 2.5-litre block that went before it. You’ll get 158hp on the cheaper version, or 188hp from the twin-turboed top-speccer.

The transmissions have also been updated and there’s the choice of the standard six-speed manual or a seven-speed automatic.

Nissan has added five-link rear suspension on its double cab models, which it reckons shaves 20kg off the overall weight and improves handling too. Leaf spring designs have also been tweaked to reduce weight and noise because they are still used on some models.

There are four trim levels with varying amounts of technology. Emergency braking, cruise control, keyless entry and parking sensors can all be part of the package depending on how much cash you want to part with. Towing capacity has also been improved to match the Ranger’s 3,500kg.

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