Isuzu offers tipper conversion for used D-Max pickups

A hydraulically tipping load bed is now a retrofit option on second-hand versions of Isuzu’s budget-level D-Max Utility pickup.

The new alloy tipping body is made by truck conversion specialist TGS group and can be added only to Utility extended cab configurations from 2017 onwards.

This type of setup still allows for a small row of folding back seats when carting around four people, or dry storage for tools and dogs.

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Front view of Isuzu tipper conversion

The existing body is replaced with a bed of 1,977mm long by 1,800mm wide with 300mm folding sides, while the rear tailboard gets a two-way hinge. Underneath, it sits on rubber mounts, helping to keep clattering and squeaking to a minimum.

Each corner post can be removed to form a flat bed, while tie-down points are standard on the 18mm thick interlocking floor.

Hydraulic lift capacity is 1,800kg, while the payload is expected to be around 1,000kg and the trucks can still tow 3,500kg.

In the cab is a simple control panel for raising and lowering the tipper body via the hydraulic power pack. However, the controls haven’t been integrated into the dash and are stored behind the rear seats.

Hydraulic ram on Isuzu tipper conversion

The conversion is aimed at the forestry and amenity sectors, but could find favour with farmers and estate workers.

Everything will go through approved Isuzu dealers, so each truck will get a five-year/125,000-mile warranty.

Prices for the conversion have yet to be released and the pictured model is a prototype, but the company says it will be a four-week turnaround to have the tipper body fitted.

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