Isuzu unveils new D-Max pickup models

Isuzu has introduced two new high-spec versions of its popular D-Max pickup.

The XTR is the more conventional of the two and sits at the upper end of the maker’s line-up. It’s been designed for better off-road performance and has a few more rugged options than the rest of the range.

These include upgraded suspension from Australian firm Pedders, which offers longer, plusher travel and increased ground clearance of 250mm.

Higher-performance brakes have been installed too, with Kevlar ceramic front pads for better stopping power.

Outside, Isuzu has fitted a rufty-tufty bodykit with black plastic wheel-arch extensions, while interior mods include sportier heated leather seats with harder-wearing carbon fibre on the side bolsters.

The XTR is available to order now and prices start at £33,999.

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The second of Isuzu’s new models is a special edition vision of the AT35, which has been fettled by Icelandic 4×4 specialist Arctic Trucks.

Limited to just 10 vehicles, each Safir comes with a sapphire blue paint finish, Mountain Top roller cover, 17in Arctic Trucks wheels and balloon tyres, plus almost every conceivable extra you can think of.

As a result, the list price is a rather weighty £45,000.

Both the XTR and Safir models feature the same 1.9-litre four-cylinder engine as the rest of the D-Max line-up, as well as a 3.5t towing capacity. They also come with a 125,000-mile, five-year warranty.

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