Mule launches retrofit tipping beds for pickups

Oxfordshire firm Mule has unveiled a range of UK-made tipping bodies designed to slot into the load bed of a standard pickup.

The 128kg steel body fits straight into the bay once the truck’s tailgate has been removed, and is pinned in place by four bolts that clamp to the main chassis. Once the holes have been drilled, Mule reckons the rig can be lifted on or off in less than 20 minutes.

The tipping section is powered by an electric motor housed at the front of the body, which drives a single, centrally fitted three-stage ram.

The main power cable is wired through to the vehicle’s battery and the tipper is operated via wi-fi with a key fob.

Mule tipper

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The double-cab version is rated to carry 1,050kg – not far off the average pickup payload – and it takes well under 10 seconds for the ram to reach full extension.

Mule also offers a raft of optional extras including headboards, ladder racks and greedy boards, which will add a few quid to the £2,695 standard price.


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