Pickup buyers guide 2017

Ask your granddad about the farm vehicle he had as a youngster and you can almost guarantee it was a Land Rover Defender of some form.

They were the staple, go-anywhere wagon that had the agriculture market cornered.

However, with Land Rover ceasing production of the Defender last year, the popular alternative for farmers is the pickup truck.

Comfortable for four passengers and a car-like driving position, combined with ample load space and 3.5t towing capacity mean the pickup is the go-to farm truck.  

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An increasing number of manufacturers have wanted a slice of the pickup market. Extras such as sat-nav, air-con and leather seats are now considered standard fodder on the range toppers.

Our tables run through every make and model on the UK market for you to compare away and get the right truck.

Download the full pickup spec tables (PDF) to compare the prices and specs of the latest makes and models.


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