World’s first flat-pack truck promises low-cost transport

The world’s first flat-pack truck was launched in London earlier this month and promises to provide low-cost, all-terrain mobility to developing countries across the globe.

Global-Vehicle-Trust-OXThe boxy-looking Ox has been in development since 2013 and is the brainchild of a charitable organisation called the Global Vehicle Trust.

The brief was to build a motor tough enough to cope with the rough roads of rural Africa, but cheap and simple to keep it running with basic tools and garage equipment.

The vehicle can be folded up so small that six of them can be slotted into a single 40ft shipping container to make the transport and distribution process as cheap and easy as possible.

Local companies can then be employed for the 12-hour job of bolting the bits back together at the end destination.

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Power comes from a 2.2-litre Ford diesel engine that will muster a modest 99hp and 310Nm torque.

Ox on paper

  • Engine 2.2-litre Ford diesel
  • Power 99hp
  • Torque 310Nm
  • Transmission Five-speed manual
  • Weight 1,600kg
  • Payload 1,900kg
  • Suspension Telescopic dampers and coil springs
  • Tyres 205/80 R16
  • Turning circle 11.7m

To keep things simple all the machines are two-wheel drive, but stacks of ground clearance, fat tyres and all-round suspension with long travel should help keep it going no matter how gnarly the conditions are.

Unusually, the driver’s seat is positioned centrally in the three-person cab to save building left- and right-hand drive models to suit different countries.

The load bed is rated to 1,900kg – almost double the average European pickup – and means there’s plenty of capacity for carrying drinking water, grain, fertiliser or building materials.

It can also be adapted to carry up to 13 people or three Euro pallets.

Other natty design features include a removable tailgate that can double up as a loading ramp and rear bench seat frames that can be used as sand ladders under the wheels to help the vehicle get moving on soft ground.

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