Abbey launches monster tri-axle tanker

Abbey Machinery has launched a super-sized slurry tanker in a bid to pinch some sales from the likes of Samson and Joskin in the large-scale tanker markets across the globe.

The Irish firm claims the new class-leading 27cu m machine – called the 6000g and weighing 11,480kg empty – is class leading and has a 13,500 litres/min pump to keep filling times to a minimum.

Measuring 2.6m wide and 3.6m tall means it should just about sneak around UK roads, while a steering front or rear axle help the 10.5m-long trailer negotiate tight farmyards.

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The 6000g is built on a tri-axle bogey system, with a sprung drawbar as standard to stop the driver feeling sea sick. The six 580/65 R22.5 rubbers mean it should tread lightly across wet ground, too.

Inside the tanker are strengthened baffles to reduce slurry swilling around on the road. The company is viewing the export market as a big opportunity as the tanker has been designed to fit into shipping containers.

Prices start at £49,900.  


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