AdBlue bowser can fit in the back of the pickup

Never heard of AdBlue? It’s a trade name for urea diluted at a concentration of 32.5% in distilled water and you will do soon.

Why? Well, it’s a requirement of most (though not all) of the latest generation engines that you use AdBlue at a rate of 6% of diesel. So if you use 1,000 litres of diesel in a working day, you’ll also be consuming 50-60 litres of AdBlue.

Most farmers are expected to keep a 1,000-litre IBC of the stuff near the farm’s fuel store. But what if you need to get some to a tractor that’s working a long way from the fuel store?

The answer is that as well as towing a bowser full of regular diesel, you could also have one of these 220-litre bowsers of AdBlue in the back of the pickup. It’s only a prototype at the moment and the maker Air1 (part of AdBlue maker Yara) is wanting to get feedback from farmers. But with an on-board 12V pump, it could a good way of doing the job.

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