Aerworx US aerator now being made in the UK

A new range of grassland aerators will be on show for the first time at the Dairy Show on 6 October.

Originally designed by a Florida ranch owner, Aerworx aerators are said to approach the job in a different way to most conventional grassland slitters.

A heavy water-filled roller equipped with 150-200mm (6-8in) paddle blades provides the downforce to ensure maximum surface penetration, no matter how dry the conditions. The blades are arranged in a spiral pattern around the drum, facing the direction of travel, and their shattering effect is said to fracture the soil down to depths of 400mm (16in).

Made from tank-grade steel, the blades should be capable of working in all conditions from heavy clays to rocky brash. Their angle of entry and exit also means they are self-sharpening.

In its conventional role as a pasture aerator, the Aerworx machine will cover the full working width without bringing stones to the surface. Running at speeds of between 10-16kph (6-10mph), a 3m version will cover more than 3ha/hour (8 acres/hour).

The roller can also be used as a clod-buster in baked clay seedbeds and for brush clearance on scrub land. With an optional seeder fitted, Aerworx machines can be employed for one-pass grassland rejuvenation or oilseed rape establishment.

Although designed in the USA, Aerworx aerators are now built to UK specifications in Somerset. Varying drum diameters, weights and working widths are available and prices start from £9400. More details from

* See our report on the US-made version of the aerator from last year

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