Agrex targets mobile drier sales

While companies like Opico, Master and Mecmar account for the majority of mobile drier sales in the UK, it’s an expanding, weather-driven market that is prompting other firms to look at the sector.

The latest of these is the Italian-made Agrex range being brought in by North Yorkshire firm Ryetec. It makes about 300 machines a year, says Ryetec’s Mark Harrison and sells mainly to Russia, the US, France and Germany.

Models aimed at UK growers go from 20t to 40t. All are mobile to some extent, but it’s only the 20t-40t models that can readily be towed to outlying grainstores.

Diesel and gas-powered models are available and, given that there aren’t the spare tractors around on farms that there used to be, quite a few buyers are expected to opt for the 37kW, 3-phase electric motor for running the machine.

There’s a heat exchanger, so no diesel or exhaust fumes can come into contact with the grain. Prices are about £30,000 for a 12t, pto-driven model and £45,000 for a 20t electric drive model.

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