AgRhino makes tractor washing fully mobile

Washing down tractors and other machinery is normally only something you can do back at base, but David Henderson and Adrian McAreavey from Lisburn, N Ireland came up with this clever way of making the process fully mobile.

Their AgRhino Hydrapac 600 integrated weight block and portable power wash system allows you to squirrel away all the equipment required within the tractor.

The 5mm-thick dip-galvanised steel tank can be filled with 300 litres of water, making the total weight of the unit some 600kg. There’s a 10 litres-a-minute pump at the back of the unit and a compartment at the front holds the 12v pump, as well as 20m of high-pressure hose, a lance, cleaning fluid and disinfectant.

The result is a neat on-board system that allows tractors and other machinery to be washed off with relative ease wherever they are. That means cleaner windows and mirrors, improving road safety, and the ability to disinfect the tractor if disease precautions are in place. It’s also useful for slurry-spreading contractors. Cost is £3,200.

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