Agrifac Condor sprayer has 2m of clearance

Fed-up commuters might view this an ideal way of circumventing traffic jams, but it’s actually the latest high-clearance option on the Condor self-propelled sprayer from Dutch sprayer maker Agrifac.

Called ClearancePlus, it has a maximum of 2m of clearance under the chassis, making it ideal for late spraying of tall oilseed rape and maize crops. In fact spraying heights from 0.5m to 3.25m are possible.

If the extra height isn’t needed, it can revert to the same 1.25m under-chassis clearance as the standard version of the Condor. It also offers track width adjustment on the move, with wheel centres of 1.9, to 2.7m possible. That makes it suitable for those using 2m (79in) tramlines, says the company.

The ClearancePlus versions of the Condor can run at top speeds of 50kph (31mph) and has air-braking and self-levelling suspension.

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