Agrimac stock trailer uses vertical rams to make loading easier

Getting sheep or pigs on to the top deck of the Agrifac stock trailer from Northern Ireland firm Agri Machinery & Spares is reckoned to be a whole lot easier than with other designs.

Instead of having to scramble up a steep second ramp, they can amble up the tailgate and into the trailer as usual. Then, once safely contained by two sets of cross gates, the entire top deck is raised from its loading position by four vertical hydraulic cylinders.

Once in transport position, the deck is secured by four locking pins operated from a single lever at the front of the trailer. A dividing gate lowered from the underside of the deck is locked into position ready to receive animals driven into the bottom compartment.


Sheep deck option for the Agrimac stock trailer is lifted and lowered on hydraulic cylinders so sheep – or pigs – can be loaded normally (above)  before being lifted (left) to the transport position leaving room for more animals underneath. 

No time-consuming changes are needed to transport cattle – the animals are simply carried on the lowered upper deck, with the sheep gates doubled up to keep them contained. Also, it runs on a low-riding tandem axle chassis for easier loading.

The Agrimac stock trailer is available in lengths from 6m to 9.75m (20ft to 32ft), with aluminium cladding used for the bodywork sides and ramp to reduce weight. Animals stand on a chequer-plate floor above a slurry trap to minimise effluent spillages on the road.

A sprung drawbar to help the trailer’s road behaviour is also part of the package.

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