Agritechnica 09: Eight-wheeled Deutz-Fahr breaks cover

This eight-wheeled giant on the Deutz-Fahr stand – called the AgroXXL 1630 – was jointly designed and built by engineering company DTU and a German university.

It’s a second prototype, says marketing manager Stephan Bissinger, and if the reaction to it at Agritechnica is good it could well go into production.

Under the bonnet is a 600hp V8, but it’s the wheels that are the most interesting part. Two pairs of tandem axles, plus an articulated steer system mean that all wheels stay in maximum contact with the ground. They also benefit from what’s called a multipath effect, ie the front wheels push against the soil, while the other three axles run in their tracks, cutting the amount of soil resistance common with dual wheels.

The AgroXXL is designed to be used in eight-wheel drive in the field or with just the front four wheels driving when on the road. Width is just 2.85m, somewhat less than the average dualled-up artic-steer tractor.


What would this 20t behemoth be used for? Cultivating and drilling in giant East European fields is an obvious option, with tremendous traction provided by eight driving wheels. And the huge load platform would be ideal for a 6000-litre sprayer tank or substantial grain hopper.

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