Agriweld All Feed Mixer offers farmers ration versatility

The Agriweld All Feed Mixer is the ideal attachment for farmers that want to offer stock a variety of feeds without having to invest in multiple machines.

A 25cm (10inch) auger drives agitators and there’s a hydraulic motor with a two-to-one ratio on the chain drive, meaning even telehandlers without high-capacity oil flow can cope with it.

The 2.2cu m bucket can mix silage and cereals, as well as being able to deal with beet, potatoes and other crops as needed, thanks to a set of blades. Additives can also be mixed in the bucket and it will be possible shortly to fit a weigh scale on the boom to ensure accurate rations.

An added bonus is its versatility, explains the company, as it’s far handier than a tractor and feeder wagon in smaller sheds.


LAMMA 2011


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