Agrotron trio joins Deutz-Fahr line up

DEUTZ FAHR has launched a new three-model tractor range that spans 84hp to 104hp.

The Agrotron K-series shares its looks and cab styling with larger tractors and boasts a new engine and transmission. The range replaces existing Agrotron models in the same power bracket.

The two smaller machines have four-cylinder Deutz power plants, while the largest uses a six-pot motor. All are liquid-cooled to achieve emissions compliance. The main benefit of the new engines is said to be that, thanks to electronic engine management, torque back-up is significantly improved.

The transmission on all three combines a three-stage powershift with four manually selected gears. These can be shifted without a clutch pedal thanks to an electronic de-clutch button on the main gear lever.

In addition, changes between “road” and “field” ranges are made electro-hydraulically – depressing a button on the gear lever pre-selects the range, dipping the clutch then initiates the change.

With a clutchless shuttle, this combination provides 24 forward speeds and eight in reverse.

Deutz Fahr says that this highly complex transmission and sophisticated control package will help to win over the farmer or contractor looking for a small machine of a specification level that can match larger tractors. More simple, mechanically controlled models from sister brands SAME and Lamborgini will cater for users that require a more basic tractor.

For those after even greater sophistication, a premium specification K-series ProfiLine model will be available later this year which will boast electronic spool-valve and linkage controls grouped on a single lever and load-sensing hydraulics with a separate oil reservoir.

And, for a hike in the power stakes, a low-weight four-cylinder Agrotron K120 will be launched in early 2006.  






K904-litre liquid-cooled Deutz 4-cyl turbo84hp24F x 8R£38,925
K1004-litre liquid-cooled Deutz 4-cyl turbo 95hp24F x 8R£41,250
K1106-litre liquid-cooled Deutz 6-cyl turbo104hp24F x 8R£42,775

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