Aluminium gutters can aid leaking farm roofs

Aluminium guttering is not new, but for those considering installing or repairing any rainwater goods it’s worth a look, says Emily Padfield.

Guttering is hardly a sexy subject, but when it can be done cost-effectively and from one continuous length of material, even those uninterested in guttering have been known to get excited.

Clanfield Valley Gutters, based in Bampton, Oxfordshire, has been specialising in this type of guttering for more than 30 years.

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The company has been hugely busy over the past five, says Ben Eddolls. “Although not the cheapest option, it’s permanent, which makes it not only a good option for new-builds but also for repairs to older buildings, too.”

Often, when a valley gutter is leaking, it can be difficult to locate the exact point of damage, or there can be too many to be fixed cost-effectively. When this is the case, it soon becomes viable to opt for installing a whole length, explains Mr Eddolls.

“Our valley guttering is produced from one seamless piece of aluminium, with no joints. This makes the whole length strong, durable and leak-free.”

The gutter itself is formed on-site at the time of installation. Aluminium is unrolled and fed up to the height of the gutter using a modified ex-military 4wd truck, which can get to even the remotest of barns.

The cage mounted on top of the adjustable lift platform is home to the brackets and fixings, which are altered to form the shape and angle of the gutter, before feeding it along the length of the gutter.

“We can also use the same process for eaves gutters, and can provide alternative guttering depending on the customer and situation.”

The gutter-forming machine is able to form all manner of shapes to capture rainwater on any building, and rainwater harvesting can also be built into the project thanks to its bespoke nature. Box guttering, round or ogee aluminium guttering is also available in various depths and capacities.

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