Amazone power harrow and drill uncouples in minutes

Drilling specialist Amazone has added to its small cereal drill range with a 3m width model capable of connecting a cultivator combination in minutes.

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The AD-P 01 drill connects Amazone’s rotary harrows and cultivators to sit under the drill hopper – which can be 850 or 1,250 litres – using the same Quicklink method seen on the Cataya and Centaya drills.

Detail of QuickLink interface

A choice of WS suffolk or Rotec control coulters are used at row spacing of 12.5cm or 15cm, with a following harrow or roller available, depending on your preference.

Electric metering controls seed rates with the optional ability to shut off half the drill when working into wedge shapes or awkward field corners vis GPS-Switch and AutoPilot systems.

The new drill with super rotary harrow and packer will set you back £21,950.