ATV Lifeguard improves quad bike safety

Preventing injury from quad bike roll-overs has long been an issue and to date there’s been no really workable solution.

However, New Zealand firm Ag Tech Industries claims to have an answer to the problem – the ATV Lifeguard.

It’s a flexible horseshoe-shaped roll-over hoop that attaches to the rear rack of the bike.

In the event of a capsize it will support the weight of the machine, allowing the rider to escape.

The key feature of the Lifeguard is that, being made from plastic segments bound together by a strap, it can deform around the rider should it land on top of them.

Unlike a rigid roll-frame it spreads the weight of the bike, very much reducing the chance of injury, according to the firm.

Imported into the UK by Dorset-based Handley Enterprises, the ATV Lifeguard costs £798 – LED flashing lights are an optional extra.

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The company also markets a range of plate-meters for livestock farmers to keep an eye on grass growth.

Acknowledging that this can be a time-consuming process, the firm now offers a Rapid plate-meter, which can be towed behind an ATV.

Effectively a skid running on a parallelogram linkage fixed to the ball-hitch, an electronic actuator raises in and out of work and sensors measure the amount it rises and falls, while the wheel measures the distance travelled.

Combining this information, it calculates the volume of plant matter, taking readings several times a second and sending them via Bluetooth direct to a smartphone app.

Using GPS it automatically recognises different fields and records the amount of grass accordingly.

The system is currently limited to Android devices and costs £2,680.