CF Moto unveils low-cost two-seater Touring ATV

Budget brand CF Moto has launched two-seater Touring versions of its big CForce 850 and 1000 ATVs.

Both are propelled by V-twin engines, with the smaller model running an 800cc unit good for 75hp, and its bigger brother getting 963cc and 90hp.

As with other CF Moto quads, there are three ride modes – work, normal and sport – that alter the way the bike handles. They get a ride-by-wire throttle that is reckoned to improve the sharpness of power delivery.

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Also new is a revamped two-range CVT, which is built in-house and apparently stronger and lighter than before.

Electronic aids include “dynamic downhill assist” engine braking, and four-stage power steering.

Along with tightening the turning radius by some 17%, CF Moto has managed to increase towing capacity on the smaller model by 120kg to match the 1000’s 800kg.

CFMoto ATV dashboard display

© CFMoto 

Underneath is a new adjustable spring-and-shock suspension system that provides 285mm (CForce 850) and 305mm (CForce 1000) of ground clearance on the standard 14in aluminium wheels.

Front rack capacity is 45kg, the rear will take another 90kg, and they also come with a 1.5t-rated winch.

In the centre of the handlebars is a 7in display, though on “Premium” versions of the 1000, this is upgraded to an 8in touchscreen.

The CForce 850 Touring is priced at £8,332 excluding VAT, while the 1000 is £9,582.

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