Chapman develops £1,500 UTV-mounted stock feeder

Devon firm Chapman Machinery reckons its new MF350 UTV-mounted feeder will make life easier for livestock farmers around lambing time.

The attachment specialist already offers a TF-badged trailed version using most of the same hardware, but this time around the 300-litre hopper has been designed specifically for mounting in the load-bed of a farm buggy.

Its layout means there’s no need for agitators to keep free-flowing materials such as rolls or nuts moving and the metering system is well proven, having been manufactured by Chapman since 2012.

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The system can throw out 2kg piles of feed and uses an electric controller to adjust output to suit the size of flock or herd.

Outlets are positioned in the space between the trailer drawbar and wheel tracks, which means the rig can be combined with a nurse trailer for ewes at lambing time.

Advantages of the design, says Chapman, include a low fill height and decent rearwards visibility from the driver’s seat.

It’s fully galvanised and has tightly sealed electrics, so should withstand the rigours of winter use on farms too.

The list price is £1,500.