Combined ATV trailer and fallen deer transporter ideal for stalkers

Combined £1650 ATV transporter and deer recovery trailer from Kings Lynn firmDavid Lyles ATV has a novel two-in-one design.

As well as being able to carry an ATV, it also has a false floor that allows a dead deer or sheep to be transported discreetly on the road.

Lyle-ATV-+-deer-carrier 1It’s mainly aimed at stalkers, who often have to recover deer from woodland or soft ground where access by 4x4s and pickups is very restricted. It can also be used to pick up deer that have fallen on cropped land where a full-sized vehicle would cause damage.

Lyle-ATV-+-deer-carrier-2With this trailer, the ATV can be transported to the field by road, driven off and hitched to the trailer and then the fallen deer found and loaded on.

Back at the roadside, the ATV is unhitched and driven on to a false floor on top of the concealed area containing the deer. Then the trailer is rehitched to the 4×4 or pickup ready to go back on the road.

Other potential uses include recovering dead sheep and transporting gas guns from field to field.

The trailer is rated at 750kg and has full lighting and extra-large road tyres for good off-road capability. It is galvanised and has a synthetic floor for hygiene and easy cleaning. A rear ramp is standard and trailer stands, spare wheel and jockey wheel are optional.

It can be fitted with a hand or electric winch to pull in dead animals. A protective sheet can be secured as a blind over the animal to avoid unnecessary exposure.

There’s also a simplified version of this trailer with no secondary bed but complete with winch and ramp. These are available in two lengths – 2m (6ft 6in) or 2.4m (8ft) long.

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