Danish Agromek show: Polaris ATV tracks and Ranger RZR look the business

Just what you want in a wet winter? These Polaris ATV tracks are normally bought by Swedish and Norwegian farmers with snow to contend with, but a new mud-plugging version could appeal to anyone who wants maximum traction.

The tracks are made largely of plastic and cast aluminium so they weigh only 8kg each. They also push up ground clearance significantly and the angle of the front of each track is designed to let it roll over obstacles like a tank.

Polaris Sportsman track

Cost of a set is £3500.

Polaris was also showing off its snazzy-looking 4wd Ranger RZR, with 800cc 65hp petrol engine, 2-speed CVT gearbox, 90kph top speed and (apparently) 0-55mph time of just 4.5 seconds. Cost in Denmark is £9000 and it’s road legal.

Polaris RZR 2

It’s designed as a racing machine really, but could be one to impress your friends with.

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