Kawasaki announces latest farm UTVs

Kawasaki says that 2017 model Mule SX farm buggies will be available in the UK in September.

Offered in two-wheel and four-wheel-drive versions, the SX machines can be transported in the back of many full-size pick-up trucks. Width is 1,335mm and overall length 2,710mm. Cargo capacity is 181kg, towing capacity is 500kg and the load-bed tips.

Fresh kit includes new LED headlamp design, steering wheel tilt function, cup holders and a glove box, plus a DC socket. There’s lots of under-seat storage, says the company, and a 60-litre front storage area.

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An air-cooled 410cc four-stroke engine is fed by cool air supplied via a snorkel intake routed through the overhead protection frame. Both Mule SX variants are said to offer minimum ground impact and disturbance thanks to load-spreading tyres and lockable rear differentials.

A new seat material is said to resist the cold and maintain suppleness at extreme temperatures, while textured black paint in the cargo bed stops your cargo moving in transit.

Price is expected to be £6,049 for the Mule SX 2wd and £6,749 for the 4×4 version.

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