Kawasaki unveils new mid-range Mule UTV

There’s a new face in the Kawasaki Mule line-up – the mid-range Pro-MX, which sits between the firm’s short and skinny Mule SX and the top-spec Pro-FX.

The new model is set to go on sale next year and is powered by a 700cc single-cylinder engine running through a CVT transmission.

The most interesting part of the design, says Kawasaki, is the elasticity of the main frame that offers far more flex than usual to deliver better handling and help extend its life when working over rough terrain.

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Payload capacity is 317kg and it’ll tow 680kg, which is about par among popular farm UTVs.

Power-steering is standard on all but the entry-level model, while the turning circle is 8.4m and it comes with disc brakes and independent suspension front and rear, a bench seat and tilt-adjustable steering wheel.

Excitingly, doors are standard too. There’s no word on price yet, though.


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