Polaris adds to the competition

Polaris has introduced a new 300cc bike aimed at the mid-market segment and has also updated its 400 Sportsman with a 450cc power unit.

The firm claims that the 300cc Hawkeye boasts all the features of a larger ATV such as independent rear suspension and disc brakes all round.

According to Polaris its full-size features make the Hawkeye appealing to riders who want an improved ride and handling without the size or cost of larger ATVs.

The unit is available in two formats, either standard two-wheel drive or with selectable two-/four-wheel drive.

The bike is fitted with independent rear suspension which offers 20cm (8in) of travel on the rear, while the front end is equipped with MacPherson struts offering 18cm (7in) of travel.

The four-wheel drive model comes with a system which is designed to transfer torque to both the front wheels should the rear wheels start loosing traction.

Polaris has equipped the rear rack with “Lock and ride” accessory mounts allowing operators to attach and remove kit like cargo boxes and tool racks easily and securely.


The Polaris Sportsman 400 has been replaced by a larger model.

The new Sportsman 450 is claimed to deliver better handling and performance than its predecessor.

Like the smaller Hawkeye, the Sportsman 450 features independent rear suspension for a better ride and consistent ground contact.

The firm has also increased the track width of the front wheels to improve handling and stability.

The variable transmission of the Sportsman 450 is a belt drive and offers high, low, reverse and park.

The drivetrain is fitted with an automatic four-wheel drive system that disengages or engages as needed.

Polaris has also made some changes to the bike’s lighting system.

The front end sees the addition of a more powerful headlight beam while at the rear end the firm has two work lights – which can be operated via a switch on the handlebars – and twin rear brake lights.

The dashboard on the 450 offers a digital speedometer, a fuel gauge with a low fuel warning and gear selection lights.

It also carries maintenance indicators for service reminders and a digital engine rpm display.

The unit is offered in three different colours, yellow, green and blue and is priced at £5395.



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