Quad-X Wipeout improves weed-kill with less chemical use

Northern Ireland company Quad-X has brought out a new version of its 2.4m Weed Wipeout unit.

Called the Wipeout 2, it is said to use 14% less chemical than the previous unit thanks to better atomisation of the weedkiller.

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The company claims that the new unit achieves high kill rates without the need to also wipe in the other direction, which saves time and chemical.

A weed detection and application system automatically activates the machine to apply the right amount of chemical to the rollers only when weeds are present.

It comes with dual rollers, which rotate in opposite directions. The first roller lifts the weed leaf and applies chemical to the sensitive underside, rather than the waxy surface, for faster kill rates, while the second roller aims to separate out clumps of weeds for better application.  

Knobbly 22×11-8 flotation tyres mean the machine is suitable for use on soft/wet ground. A novel drawbar design ensures that the weeds are first to come in contact with the roller after the towing vehicle has passed.

Prices start at £3,645.