Automated controls for Chillton MX tractor loaders

A synchronised control system that speeds work rates and reduces hand operations is available for Chillton MX Technic tractor loaders

The new control option, which is suitable for machines ranging from 60hp-230hp, automatically closes the loader grab as the crowd function is operated and opens once the bucket is tipped.

The £295 system is also compatible with the MX’s ACS ‘return to dig’ feature. 

Chilton MX 1 Chilton MX 2 Chilton MX 3

This setup returns the attachment to a pre-set position at the press of a button on the control lever. In practical operation, the driver sets ACS to the desired position – usually a little above ground level and activates the SCS system.

The bucket is then fully lowered and pushed into the muck heap or silage. As the crowd function is operated the grab automatically closes and the boom can be lifted for the tractor to be positioned to load the spreader, trailer or feeder. As the grab is tipped it automatically opens.

Once emptied the driver simply selects reverse and the ACS function while concentrating on positioning the tractor for the next grab full. All that remains is to manually lower the grab the last few inches and repeat the cycle.