Bale stacking cracked?

The challenge of designing a simple, reliable system to collect, transport and stack big square bales has taxed the ingenuity of several companies.

Big Bale Co (North) believes its new Heath SuperChaser QM has cracked the problem of of designing a simple system that can handle a wide range of bale sizes.

The SuperChaser QM can collect 14 midi-bales or 18 Claas Quadrant bales or 21 mini-bales or even 27 bales of 80cm x 70cm.

Put simplistically, a bale is first pushed side-on by a bar on the front of the tractor.

The bale is then picked up by a spiked fork which lifts it over directly onto the trailer.

A second bale is placed on top and these move towards the rear.

When the trailer is full, the bales are hauled to the point of store and the trailer is tipped vertically to place the bales in a stack.

For large Hesston bales of 120cm x 130cm, the new Heath SuperChaser Extra can collect, haul and stack 12 at a time – an increase of two on previous models.