Berthoud Tracker trailed sprayer updated

Two simpler-spec trailed sprayers in the Berthoud range are being replaced by one – the Tracker 3200. Main differences over the 3,200-litre Racer and Major (which continue in 2,500-litre format) are a moulded tank modified to drain fully and a stepped tank access platform that can be folded forwards for access to the pump and Dualmatic tandem valve installation.

The 3,200-litre Tracker can be had with fixed, manually-steered or auto-tracking drawbars, booms from 18m to 33m, and DP-tronic electric rate control or the DP-A proportional mechanism that uses a ground-drive pump with adjustable piston stroke. Up front, the standard 280-litre/min six-cylinder piston pump can be replaced by the 550-litre/min Omega twin turbine unit normally seen only on the higher-spec Tenor.


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