Big bale telehander attachment shifts five at a time

Tractor loader maker MX has built a hefty big bale handler that can shift up to five large rectangular bales or three round ones at a time.

The Manubal V7000 is based on the maker’s smaller range of attachments, but has been beefed-up and extended for use with larger tractor loaders and telehandlers.

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Operation is pretty straightforward. At the bottom it’s got a row of tines that skewer the first bale in the stack and take most of the weight. Hinged wings up both sides of the attachment then swing in to lock into the bales in place. Each of these has seven curved tines up the sides that are designed to pull the bales in tight, but also release them cleanly.

MX has also mounted the bottom tines on a hinge to prevent snagging when backing away from the stack. They can be removed and stowed for road transport without the need for tools, too.

The V7000 will work with all common attachment systems and requires a single double-acting service to open and close the curved tines.

Prices start at £3,495 and vary slightly depending on brackets required.