Billericay Farm Services reveals super-adjustable fertiliser nozzle

Billericay Farm Services has revealed a new, adjustable nozzle to be used for variable rate fertiliser application.

The Trident’s three outlets are able to provide a range of application rates from 60-litres/min to 300-litres/min at 12kph. It can also apply a constant 100-litres/ha at varying speeds between 6kph and 20kph, which should make it ideal for headlands.

The nozzle is designed to fit most boom sprayers and operators can change the application rates from the cab. That means there’s no need to carry multiple fertiliser nozzles on one sprayer, which should save a few quid, too.

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It works by using a flexible sheath inside the plastic shell to control the quantity of liquid that reaches the nozzle outlets. The higher the pressure in the system is, the greater the flow of fertiliser out of the nozzle.

The strong stream of liquid is also less likely to form droplets, according to BFS. That means less fertiliser will hit less of the crop, scorch isn’t such a problem and it should remain more accurate even in conditions where drift is a risk.

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