Birdscarer complaints increase

Recently, the number of bird scarer-related complaints have almost doubled in some areas of the UK, says the NFU, not least because of the increase of them due to a pigeon influx.

So, what can be done to limit the effect they have on the public? If the field is in the vicinity of houses, hospitals or schools, try to minimise noise by siting auditory devices (ie bangers) as far away as possible, and have them facing away from the settlement. Take account the prevailing wind when positioning them, too. If the device has a light sensor, make sure it’s clean and if necessary back it up with a timer and try to set the scarer to function between the hours of 6am and sunset, or 10pm when sunset is later. If possible, use things like bales to baffle the sound in the direction of the field.

The NFU’s Bird Scarers Code can be found at

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