Biso’s steering axle will keep your header trailer off roundabouts

Towing a big combine header trailer on the road behind a tractor or combine at harvest-time is no fun at all.

The distance between the tractor’s drawbar and the header trailer’s wheels has become so great that circumnavigating a roundabout or turning into a narrow field entrance can be pretty perilous.

But Austrian maker Biso has tackled the problem with a new Profi Trolley unit that uses a hydraulically-steered rear axle and over-run brakes on all four wheels.

One user reported that he managed to get the 12.3m Profi Trolley in places where he would normally have struggled to get his 10.7m header trailer.

The new range of header trailers goes from 6.7m to 16m with Profi steering available from 9m upwards. All trailers are fitted with lights and high-spec running gear, including commercial brakes.

Biso, which is brought into the UK by Essex-based Abrey and Son, says it can supply steel headers up to 9m and aluminium headers up to 12.3m for all popular makes of combines.

Retail prices start at £6,200 for the standard Profi trailer for a 6.7m header, with lights, over-run brakes, adjustable supports and front turntable. A 9m Profi steer trailer, as above but with the hydraulic rear steering axle, retails from £8,850.

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