Blaney reveals high output bale shredder

Agri Bale Shredder from Northern Ireland firm Blaney Agri allows one person plus a tractor to load and shred straw and silage bales for feeding and bedding.

A large-diameter rotor shreds the bale in as little as two-and-a-half minutes, says the company, which is somewhat faster than a typical diet feeder. The machine can lift and load 1.2m (4ft) and 1.5m (5ft) bales up to 900kg.

All the user has to do is remove the plastic and netting. Then the arms at the rear of the bale shredder clamp around the bale to lift and load it into the drum. If you’re working with very heavy bales, a trailed kit is available.

The bale shredder can be used in cubicles or large pens and has one discharge chute for feeding and another for bedding. A third option of a top-mounted 270deg giraffe chute is aimed at those wanting a high-level discharge.

Blaney Agri says its novel fan design ensures maximum flow of straw over large distances. Straw used for bedding can be cut by almost 50% through the use of this machine, it reckons.

Basic models of the machine start at £6,500, with the optional bale loader adding £1,999. Blaney Agri also offers a drum extension to allow two round bales of straw or one big square bale to be loaded.

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