Bobcat S450 skidsteer loader offers more space and better visibility

Bobcat has added a new model to its skid-steer range. Called the S450, it replaces the 130 model and is said to give much improved comfort and visibility. Also, for the first time in a skid-steer loader model in this size class, the S450 loader is supplied with a fully pressurised cab with air-conditioning as an option.

The S450 cab is based on those used on larger Bobcat loaders and the internal area of the cab has apparently been increased by 10%. Moving the side windows to the outside of the cab has also contributed to the increase in interior space, says the company, and has also made them easier to clean. The threshold of the cab door has been lowered and the size of the cab door opening has been increased.

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All-round visibility is said to be up by 30% compared to the cab on the S130 model and the 5cm forward positioning of the cab offers improved visibility. The door is 45% larger, too, and the roof window is 40% larger than that on the S130 model.

Hydraulic performance has been increased, too. The exhaust silencer is mounted directly to the engine to reduce noise and vibration and refuelling of the loader in transport position is said to be easier with the tailgate door now opening to the left.

Both the oil cooler and radiator are now a combination unit that provides a cleaner cooling environment less likely to trap debris and to aid routine cleaning. The main hydraulic filter is now a long life cartridge-type filter and the filter replacement intervals have doubled to 1,000 hours. Also, the hydraulic sight gauge is now mounted under the rear screen and is easily visible during routine checks. Prices have yet to be announced.

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