Brennan launches self-propelled post knocker

Irish post knocker maker Brennan has launched a new self-propelled machine.

The Vector Powerdrive Model 8 tracked post driver is designed primarily for contractors putting up fences year-round and can be operated by just one person.

It comes with a lower centre of gravity and reduced footprint that should help it handle awkward terrain with little damage to the grass or ground below. A support jack and 600kg counterbalance weight should also keep the rig standing straight.

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The Model 8 also get a hydraulically powered slewing arm that is able to pivot through 220deg to drive in posts from either side of the machine, as well as tilting forwards by 25deg and backwards by 45deg.

In terms of safety, an automatic handbrake engages when the machine stops and the tracks will only operate when the mast is to the left or right of the machine with the hammer is caged.

Up to 80 posts can be carried on a removable front frame and a wire-straining device is fitted that can handle mesh, barbed and high-tensile fencing. Both come as standard on the machine.

Brennan price the Model 8 at between £33,000 and £40,000.

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