Britain’s most awkward grease nipple competition has a winner

Now it can be revealed. The winner of our competition to find Britain’s most awkward grease nipple is Andrew Grant from Inverness who provided some pithy comments about the difficulty in getting to some of the nipples on his JCB Loadall.


He wins a 12v cordless rechargeable Lincoln Power Luber worth £220. This whizzo-looking piece of kit uses standard 400g grease cartridges and dispenses four cartridges on a single charge. 


He was one of about 20 people who were so fed up with trying to get a grease gun on some crazily sited nipples on a variety of different farm kit, that they felt duty bound to share their pain and frustration with us. Thanks for all your offerings.


We weren’t just wanting to name and shame the manufacturers though. In fact there are a couple of reasonable alternatives for those fed up with having to adopt the characteristic pose of the grease-monkey (one hand holding nozzle on to nipple, the other arm squeezing the grease gun lever against the hip like some demented bagpipe player).


One is to invest in a powered grease gun like the Lincoln unit won by our winner. The other is to look at unpowered pistol-type grease guns. Draper makes a 400bar heavy duty unit for £34.90 and Deere offers a couple of pistol type grease guns (which one or two of you recommended).


Awkward grease nipple 2

Thanks to Mark Ryman for this picture of a typically awkward customer, in this case one of the nipples on a McHale bale wrapper working in Warwickshire in June.     


 Awkward grease nipple 3

Lincoln Power-Luber from MSP (01242-256610) dispenses four cartridges of grease on a single charge. Charging takes one hour via mains power or 12v cigarette lighter socket.


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