Bryce Suma launches extreme post driver

This might look like something out of a Thunderbirds episode, but it’s actually the latest self-propelled post driver from Bryce Suma.

Designed to put up fences on almost any terrain, the compact Powershift HD180 is based on a rubber tracked industrial vehicle built by US dumper truck maker Canycom.

It’s powered by a 46hp Kubota diesel and has a semi- rather than fully-hydrostatic drive so it can be moved from post to post with the engine at tick over. The seat and controls are also reversible, so it’s equally happy being driven in forward of reverse.

At the business end there’s a post driver that delivers an impact force of up to 62t. This is mounted on a 180 degree hydraulic turntable behind the cab to help keep the outfit compact. The telescopic mast also retracts to an overall height of 2.9m making it relatively easy to move from site to site.

Other features include a cradle on the front of the vehicle that carries up to 40 fence posts or more than half a dozen straining posts. Optional reels can be fitted on either side of the vehicle to run out up to 2000m of plain or barbed wire, too.

A rock spike comes as standard as well as a lockable toolbox, purpose-built chain saw storage, metal bars, spades, a hammer, tape measure and spirit level.

Parts and service back-up for the machine is available from distributor Kattrak International based in Kilwinning, Ayrshire.

The price is £35,000.

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  • Bryce Suma HD180
  •  Bryce Suma HD180

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