Case Farmall – a blast from the past

Ninty years on, Case has resurrected the Farmall name for its new range of sub 115hp tractors. A total of 15 different tractors split across three series should mean there’s something for every prospective buyer.

The Farmall A range is the most basic, Farmall C is the intermediate option and the Farmall U is the highest spec all-rounder. Horsepower offerings extend from a princely 55hp to 115hp.

Built in Ankara, Turkey, the Farmall A and C both get Tier 3 engines. It means they’re likely to get another spruce up in the next couple of years when nudged by emissions regulations. The Farmall U, made in Italy, is more complex, but this is reflected in the pricing.


From 65-113hp, the six-model Farmall A replaces the former GX range and is pretty bog-standard. Case has added two extra models – 105hp and 113hp versions that should be ideal for running a feeder wagon.

A steeper-sloping bonnet has improved visibility and its dimensions (2.64m high, by 4.2m long) make it ideal for work in pokey livestock sheds.

There’s the choice of a 12×4 constant mesh transmission, 12×12 synchromesh or 12×12 powershuttle. We’d always opt for the latter, particularly if you’re going to be doing much loader work and shunting about.

Inside it’s surprisingly spacious for a little tractor, with all the useful controls grouped to the operators’ right-hand side. Buyers can opt for a roof window and opening front window, too.


Directly replacing the former JXU, the Farmall C is the middle-of-the-road option. It is marketed as a stockman’s tractor but, with the 3.2-litre, four cylinder offering just 55-75hp, it’s not as multi-purpose as the Farmall A or U.

In fact, the Farmall C finds itself in an awkward gap – too complex and expensive for simple yard-scraping duties but nowhere near big enough for any serious draft work, so it’s unlikely to be a big seller in the UK.

Its lightweight characteristics might make it ideal for specialist crop work, though, particularly as rear lift has been upped to 2.4t thanks to an additional ram. There’s also the option of a dealer-fitted front linkage.

It does get plenty of small-tractor perks, though. Smart car-like dimensions of 2.37m high and 3.8m long should make it ideal for tight work, while turning circle is just 3.8m.


The real challenger to the 100hp sector in the UK is Case’s highest spec offering – the Farmall U. There are three models – 95, 105 and 115 – all with a new 3.4-litre Fiat common rail engine which is noticeably livelier than the old JXU’s.

Case has given the Farmall U a Tier 4i engine. Opting for EGR emissions control has meant potentially sacrificing fuel consumption at the top of the horsepower bracket, says Case, for the ease of having a one liquid top-up. Plus it avoids the inconvenience of housing the AdBlue tank and injection system on an already small tractor.

Case has also managed to up service interval to 600 hours – ideal for stockmen that need some coaxing into the workshop.

Transmission-wise there’s a simple 12×12 powershuttle or, for those who are after a little more comfort, a 24×24 with two-stage powershift. Shuttle aggressiveness can be adjusted by a dial on the pillar.

While a front loader should make it a handy all-rounder, it’s more than capable fieldwork, too. It’ll lift 5.4t on the back and can arrive with a factory-fitted front linkage. It should be ideal for spraying and lighter tillage work, as well as tractor-loader duties.


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