Case IH Axial-Flow 9010 combine biggest in range

Anyone looking for an acre-gulping combine with a 500+hp engine, 11,000 litre+ grain tank and 30ft+ header can add a new model to their shortlist.


It’s the 9010 – the latest and biggest Case IH Axial-Flow combine since the company started making them in 1977.


In the engine compartment you’ll find a 13-litre Iveco engine. Normally it puts out 460hp, but if engine revs drop as a result of a heavy load it will boost that to 532hp.


case ih 2


Drive from the engine passes through a CVT gearbox to a new smaller, differently-shaped rotor that is said to be easier on the straw and use less fuel.

The cleaning system has been redesigned, too, and can compensate for side slopes of up to 15%.

Headers range from a 7.32m (24ft) unit to a 9.15m (30ft) version and there are fixed and variable knife versions available, the latter able to shift back and forward by 50cm (20in).

A new optional laser guidance system is also available to steer the combine along the cut edge of the crop.


The system switches off automatically if the driver moves the steering wheel or when the laser detects that the headland has been reached.

The grain tank has also expanded to 11,000 litres and the unloading auger has got longer.


Cost, including the 9.15m header, is £239,379.




case ihCase IH 9010                         

Engine: 532hp     

Grain tank: 11,000 litres     

Header: 9.15m   

Price: £239,379


claas 2Claas Lexion 600 Terra Trac   

Engine: 586hp     

Grain tank: 12,000 litres    

Header: 10.5m    

Price: £355,400


deereJohn Deere  S690i Hillmaster         

Engine: 530hp    

Grain tank: 11,000 litres    

Header: 9.15m    

Price: £305,998


mfMassey Ferguson 9895          

Engine: 459hp     

Grain tank: 12,300 litres    

Header: 9.12m    

Price: not on sale yet


nhNew Holland CR9080 Elev   

Engine 530hp     

Grain tank: 10,500 litres    

Header: 9.15m    

Price: £269,870



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