Case launches limited edition Steiger and Magnum tractor models

Case IH is to celebrate 50 years of Steiger production and 20 years of Magnum manufacture with limited edition ‘Gold Signature’ tractors.

50 articulated Steiger 535 prairie monsters will be decorated with a distinctive red and gold paint scheme, as will 100 Magnum 305s.

To coincide with the launch of these anniversary editions, the Magnum, Steiger and Quadtrac ranges have been upgraded with more powerful engines and the promise of greater fuel efficiency.

Case Magnum 305

New flagship Magnum 335 boasts a maximum power output of 335hp as its model designation would suggest. That makes it the most powerful Magnum ever produced.

A new 50kph transmission package is now available which includes a suspended front axle, trailer-brakes plus wide front and rear fenders.

Case Steiger 535

The five model Steiger range – which includes rubber-tracked Quadtrac variants – now tops out at 535hp.

The smaller Steiger 485 uses compound turbocharger technology which channels exhaust gas to a second turbine downstream from the main turbo. The energy from this turbine is transferred to a reduction gearbox and hydro-coupling – a set-up that is claimed to improve fuel efficiency by up to 3%.

All Case artics can now be factory-fitted with GPS-controlled auto-steering.

For precise control in row-crop applications, the Steiger 335 AccuSteer system combines centre-pivot steering with a pivot point forward of the cab. This means that the ‘tail-wag’ associated with standard articulated tractors is eliminated and the turning circle is significantly smaller than other comparable machines.