Case moves its multi-controller to maxxum range

Case IH has introduced the multi-controller from the CVX tractor range to the MXU Maxxum Pro.

The firm says that the layout of key tractor controls is placed at the operator’s fingertips and that the controller is designed to ease long hours in the cab.

The multi-controller is mounted on the right-hand armrest, moving with the seat to maintain optimum positioning.

The top of the unit houses controls for the transmission and powershuttle, the electronic hitch, the firm’s headland management system and for one spool valve.

The arm of the multi-controller contains flow rate and cycle settings for up to four spool valves, while a joystick to the right of the head unit offers control for the first and second spool valves.

The powershuttle on the head unit is duplicated on the left-hand side of the steering wheel for operator convenience, especially in loader operations.